A new house.

I create houses. I design them. I build them. I remodel them. I draw them. I study them. I dream of them. Modern houses, provocative, complex yet elemental, efficient, inexpensive, and comfortable.

And now I have created a new house. It is called the Casa Torre, built (as it’s name suggests) like a castle rising up in the forest, a modern castle for a modern couple who gave up trying to find a house for sale that even came close to the vision they had of how they wanted to live in Portland.

See Casa Torre NOW! 

When they discovered my work, I told them I would build them the house they wanted, in one year for a little over a million dollars. As we draw toward that deadline, we are on track to meet the date, and just a bit (5%) over budget, as much a result of the exigencies of construction as it is also a reflection of their desire to raise the bar a little when they realized we were safely within budget.

They will be moving in on July 1. I will be moving on to the next project. I am working on a design for a house in northeast Portland, a special house nestled on the hillside (of course!) on a lot I found along the Alameda ridge. I think it has to have some red in it – there are roses everywhere – so I’ll call it Casa Rossa. Maybe it could be yours!

Let me create a house for you.