For the kitchen we used a Bardiglio Nuvolato marble from the Crestola quarry in Carrara, one of the great classic historic quarries that source the Calacatta and Carrara marbles that are so admired. The Bardiglio classification describes the dominance of the grey carbon tinting over the white calcite.

The Crestola quarry.



The entire interior of the house is finished with a semi-polished hand applied smooth Venetian plaster finish. There is something breathtaking about the way light plays across it and the depth it gives to the walls. Everyone who enters the house pauses and reaches out to touch the wall in admiration! It is truly beautiful. And also a little difficult to photograph!

plasterOn the exterior, I also used plaster, a smooth black plaster like the Casa Nera on some portions, alternating with a broom finish “natural” grey plaster for the rest. It is a finish that was much more popular in the 20s and 30s, one which I have admired on the classic Mediterranean villa at the foot of Vista Street in Portland.