my story

1. Studied architecture undergraduate at UC Berkeley.

2. After 3 years of loving it but also hating it, moved to NYC and worked at MOMA and the New Museum.

3. Returned to Berkeley and completed a degree in Humanities.

4. Built things all over the Bay Area: houses, condos, restaurants… Decided I wanted to build things that I designed.

5. Returned to UC Berkeley to study architecture, again, at the graduate level. Left again, after 2 years, to pursue a great opportunity:

6. Designed and built the casa bianca, an 8,500 sf villa in Montecito, Santa Barbara, CA.

7. Loved doing it, but needed to follow a calling to be a psychologist instead! Returned to school for a Master and PhD in clinical psychology.

8. Opened private psychology practice with a post-doc emphasis in psychoanalysis.

9. Wanting to merge my work with my interest in urban dynamics, became Police Psychologist for the Los Angeles Police Department (counseling, training, hostage negotiation…)

10. Following the birth of my son, I left psychology, moved to Portland, and went back to what I love most: designing and building houses, modern ones.

11. Worked as project manager with a local general contractor building high-end houses, including a prominent one by Portland architect Allied Works Architecture.

12. Began working on my own, designing or building or both. And that is where I am today. I pursue interesting projects, wearing whatever hat is most appropriate, anywhere along the spectrum from design to project management to construction. Ultimately, my greatest strength is bringing it all together: well executed, within budget and on schedule.

Most recently, I have had the opportunity to do just that, first with the casa nera, the black house and, then, with the casa torre, both in the hills of Portland. Merging all of the roles I have played in the past – designer, builder, owner’s representative – I took both projects from conception to completion, having singular responsibility for all design, permitting and legal matters, construction supervision, selection of sub-contractors, and budget management. The projects were completed within the time frame I said they would be (1 year construction, after 6 months planning and permitting for the casa near and 1 year for the casa torre) and within the budget parameters we agreed to (the cost). I assure you that they are both built to a most superior quality of construction, with the nicest materials available locally, and certainly at an unreasonably low price per square foot.