I create houses

I create houses. I design them. I build them. I remodel them. I draw them. I study them. I dream of them. Modern houses, provocative, complex yet elemental, efficient, inexpensive, and comfortable.

Having studied architecture, built houses for years, designed them, lived in some great ones, I find no matter where I turn, that I want to return to this one thing: making a house. I am drawn toward grand houses, houses that ask you to think about them, and houses that draw on fundamental principles of living. Creating a house is an enormous undertaking and there should be something to show for it at the end that is enduring and which develops over time. I also believe that creating a house should be affordable, that it actually can be both spectacular and affordable, and I have made a concerted effort to prove that. I am drawn toward modern architecture, contemporary houses being my specialty, and yet the great traditional villas move me to tears! The houses I dream of are solid, well built with the finest materials, majestic, modern and yet timeless, like old monuments can be, formal and yet very practical, sensible, not reinventing the wheel.

Let me create a house for you.